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Free Fire APK Unlimited Diamonds and Coins Unlocked

Garena free fire is a battle royale adventure game that is very popular these days for its unique gameplay and storyline. A player once entering the gaming is set to land on a remote island through a parachute to compete against the other 49 players. If you are a PUBG lover but your phone graphics are not working well on PUBG then it’s a great option because this game runs smoothly on every device.

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Free Fire APK Unlimited Diamonds

Garena free fire has 500+ million registered users and 1 Billion gross downloads. These numbers speak for themselves. So as the number suggests there is a lot of competition in the game you cannot just fell short in any aspect. But worry time is over as free fire  APK provides you with unlimited diamonds and coins and gives you a real opportunity to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Free fire  APK unlimited diamonds are all about providing you a real chance in the game. Soon you land on a remote island with a parachute you have to find the stuff around you which includes emo, skins, health, and other stuff if you don’t have upgraded and new stuff your opponent will take full advantage and you will end up in misery.  Free fire  APK unlimited diamonds opens up a bundle of opportunities as you can buy anything to upgrade your emo and health to compete within the game.

APK Name Garena Free Fire  APK
Version 1.59.5
Size 40 MB + 650 MB
Features Unlimited Health/Auto Aim/Wallhack
Updated on 2 Days Ago
Supported on Android 4.1 and Above

Simple Installation Guideline

1. Click on the below download button to start downloading Garena Free Fire Apk. Then press ok it will start saving the file into your phone.

2. After the game is downloaded into your phone, you will be taken to the installation process which is a small “install” button in the bottom right corner of your phone screen.

3. Select Install and the game will install into your phone.

4. Extract the OBB file to Android/OBB/. After extraction runs the game.

That’s all it takes to enjoy free fire APK unlimited diamonds.

Free Fire APK Unlimited Health

Every gaming geek knows the importance of health in any game but when it comes to a shooting game where you are competing against 49 other players and also you are new to the game then odds are always against you. Free Fire APK unlimited health is a key feature that brings complete health and gives you an upper hand over your enemies. Free fire APK unlimited health will save you from those situations where you are surrounded by many experts in the game and they are going to take you down. Unlimited health will be a helping hand in those situations.

Free fire unlimited health APK is included in the package so that everybody whos installs the file will also be entertained with this compulsory feature. We all know the difference it will make on a battlefield game with people competing against each other from around the world. Even if you don’t run out of the emo and you are being targeted by your enemy unlimited health will buy you time to get yourself adjusted in that situation and give it back to your opponent because even with fully upgraded emo if you get hit or run out of health you will lose the game. Free fire unlimited health APK will keep you in the game and you will make it to the end.

Garena Free Fire Hack Apk

Aimbot: With enemies loaded with the latest emo running around randomly on a remote island map it becomes quite difficult for anyone to trace and take a clean shot at the same time. Garena free fire hack provides you with a very important feature is called the free fire aimbot feature which allows taking a clean shot at your enemy even when you are not completely set and it will automatically take a clean headshot just by pointing your gun towards your enemy direction the aim will auto set on his head. Now with free fire APK auto-aim, all you have to do is just point and click and the rest will be taken care of by the aimbot hack.

New Skins & Characters:  As we all know a game lover not only likes to play but also falls in love with the other available features of the games. Some of the most important features are the free fire character and new skins as we all like to dress well so we also wanted our characters to look charismatic and appealing which is why the game has offered many stunning and absolutely eye-catching characters.

But the problem is they are not free at all and demands heavy money in order to purchase. The good news is the free fire APK has unlocked every character and skin available in the game. Now by installing free fire APK you can have every character of your choice in your personal profile. That sounds absolutely amazing.

No Reload or Recoil: As with any other important feature free fire APK provides you with an important feature. This feature takes away all the reload required for any gun you use in the game. When are sending bullets towards your enemy you are most likely to get to the point where your gun will run out of bullets and your gonna have to reload your gun but with this pre-installed feature in free fire APK you will never have to worry about that situation.

New Characters: When it comes to Garena Free Fire it never falls short of unique features. There are amazing new characters and skins which are introduced in the game from time to time. We all love to decide our characters and their skins as well. Garena free fire has recently included Ronaldo in the game yes you heard it right because the football star Ronaldo is a role model in football with many awards to his name. Garena free fire APK not only provides you with diamonds but will also unlock the main features like new characters and skins so that you can have all the fun in the world.


Frequently Asked  Questions

Q. Does Garena free fire APK works on rooted devices only?

You do not require any kind of rooted device because free fire APK works fine on every device like a charm. Just install it like any other game it’s simple to use as well.

Q.Is Garena free fire APK compatible with every device?

Garena free fire APK file is not only loaded with a bundle of free features it is also compatible with every android 4.1 and above device.

Q.What is the size of the Garena free fire APK file?

The Garena free fire APK consists of two major files. The first file size is only 40MB whereas the OBB file which contains all unlocked features is 650 MB.

Q.How to download Garena free fire unlimited money and diamond for free?

You can get free unlimited diamonds for Garena free fire just by downloading and installing Garena free fire APK file into your phone. Which will not only provide you with free diamonds and coins but also bring many more features like unlocked new skins and emo. It will definitely boost up your skills.

Q.How to hack Garena Free fire to get unlimited everything?

Downloading & installing Garena free fire APK latest version provides you access to unlimited everything. You can then enjoy every other feature for free that was locked before.

Q.Is Garena free fire APK is hacked version?

Garena Free Fire APK is basically an enhanced version of the game which unlocks many features of the game that are not free for access.

Q.How to Download Free fire APK on Android?

1. Click on the download button at the start of the post. It will start downloading Garena Free Fire Apk. Then press ok it will start saving the file into your phone.

2. After the game is downloaded into your phone, you will be taken to the installation process which is a small “install” button in the bottom right corner of your phone screen.

3. Select Install and the game will install into your phone.

4. Extract the OBB file to Android/OBB/. After extraction just run the game and enjoys.

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