Free Fire Game for PC

Garena free fire is a battle royale adventure game that involves shooting and exciting missions. In Garena free fire, a player is set to land on a remote island with a parachute with 49 other players where the real fun begins. Now you have to battle your way through to survive till the end.

Garena free fire has over 500+ million registered users and 1 Billion gross downloads around the world. With this high percentage of game-interested players around the world, there is a whole lot of competition. Many players around the world love this and take this game as a professional job. The game is available for both Andriod and IOS users on the play store.

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Free Fire Game Download for PC

Mostly there are many mobile users around the world as this game was also designed for mobile gameplay but there are a certain amount of classic people around the world that love to play PlayStation and PC. As the game’s popularity has increased in recent times many classic players also wanted to take part in Garena Free Fire. As the problem for such players was to adjust themselves according to mobile standards but it will certainly take charm from their playing aspect as they most likely used to play with keyboard and joystick.

Free Fire Game Download for PC can be achieved with a few settlements. First, you have to install the software on your PC these are usually called emulators. An emulator actually works as mobile software on your PC you there are a number of free emulators available which allow you free access to the game. Bluestack is one of the emulators that works like a charm on a PC. We will provide you with a complete solution from installing an emulator on PC to a free fire game download.

How to Install an Emulator on PC?

The process is quite simple. First, choose an emulator of your choice but we highly recommend Bluestack because in our opinion it works fine. So download the latest version of the Bluestack emulator and after the download is completed then just run the file and it will be installed. You have to be patient during this process as this might take a while until its installation is finished.

bluestacks download

An emulator is basically a shortcut for you to have a mobile game on your PC. In simple words, you have actually installed mobile software on your PC or Mac. So now installing your emulator you will find many options regarding game download and after finding your game in their search console just install it as you use to on your mobile. After installation is completed you will be able to access the game from your PC and you can use your keyboards to play the game.

As you open your emulator after installation you will find a play store in it. As we told you earlier that an emulator is actually mobile software you can easily operate it as you operate your mobile device. First, you need to sign in so that you can have full access to the play store. Once you have logged into the play store Just click the play store and you will find all the available collections of the games that you so get when you open the Play Store on your mobile device.
bluestacks playstore screen
In the image above you see a bunch of games already listed now all you have to do is go in the sidebar and type the name of the game and once it shows up just select it and install it.  Once the game is installed in the emulator you can play the game using the keyboard command with the full-screen menu.
Bluestack has also provided the direct link to the free fire game which means you can just go to their page and find the free fire emulator and it will directly install the emulator and the game.